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A) How to conduct an Interview. INFO

B) How to structure a Debate. INFO

C) How to structure a Political Debate. INFO

D) How to carry out a Role-Play.


Our challenge today: The Passive Voice!

When do we use the Passive Voice?

Passive Voice is used when the focus is on the action. It is not important or not known, however, who or what is performing the action.

EXAMPLE: English is spoken in many different countries.

How to form the Passive Voice?  STRUCTURE!

Subject + TO BE (Simple Present) + Past Participle (3rd column of irregular verbs)

EXAMPLE: A letter + is + written + by Rita.

You can also make questions using the Passive Voice!!

EXAMPLE: How + is + this word + pronounced?

Take a look at these other examples!

subject auxiliary verb (to be) main verb (past participle)
Water is drunk by everyone.
100 people are employed by this company.
I am paid in euro.
We are not paid in dollars.
Are they paid in yen?

DRILL 1: Check out the following exercises CLICK HERE. Write down the answers in your copybook.

DRILL 2: Turn these active sentences into passive ones. CLICK HERE.

Take a look at this Slideshare Presentation. Pay attention to the explanation and do the exercises in your copybook.

Take a look at this video. It explains the difference between ACTIVE and PASSIVE voice.


I. Turn the following affirmative sentences into questions using the Passive Voice.


Aff: The roses are picked up from the garden.

Question: Are the roses picked up from the garden?

1.Aff:  The students are taught English at school.

Question: __________________________________________________________?

2.Aff:  Rugby is played in the afternoon.

Question: __________________________________________________________?

3. Aff: IPads are used a lot in 5th Grade.

Question: ____________________________________________________?

4. Aff: Spelling and Grammar mistakes are always considered in the final evaluation.

Question: ___________________________________________________________?

Formative test

Dear students,

The contents to be included on Friday 22nd test are:

– Passive voice ( Classbook p. 102, 103 – Workbook p. 88, 89)

-Vocabulary ( Classbook p. 101 – Workbook p. 86, 87)

-Film review (Classbook p. 106 + class exercises)

-Reading comprehension + Identify the main idea of a text. (Class website + class exercises)

Before due date, ask your teacher as many questions as you have.

The Titanic Museum “Reading and listening”

Activity I: Pre-reading. Read the ad and then answer the following questions on your wiki. Copy your questions first (3 pts.)

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 17.52.24

1.-  What do you earn if you enter and share?

2.- How can you earn an additional entry?

3.- When does the sweepstakes (contest) end?

Activity II: Reading comprehension: At the Titanic museum, people are able to learn about different experiences from people who survived the sinking. Read the following text about a girl who lost part of her family during the Titanic tragedy. Copy the text and the questions and paste them on your wiki. Write your answers directly from your IPAD and don’t forget to save the information. (12 pts.) 

Annie Harper

Traveling with Father and Aunt.
Boarded Titanic at age 6 years.

Annie Harper

Annie Jessie Speirs “Nana” Harper was born January 3, 1906 in Govan, Scotland. She was the daughter of Rev. John Harper and Annie Leckie Harper. Her mother died giving birth to Annie. Her father was a Baptist Minister who became successful in Scotland before moving to London. In 1912 her father was invited to minister at Moody Church in Chicago, IL. He agreed and made plans to travel on the Titanic. Annie’s aunt, Jessie Leitch, joined them and took care of Annie. The three boarded the Titanic in Southampton as Second Class passengers.

On the night of the sinking, Annie’s father bundled her up and carried her from her bed to the boat deck. There he kissed her goodbye and told her to go with her aunt before handing her to a crew member. The crew member placed her in a lifeboat with her aunt. Annie sat on her lap and watched the Titanic sink, listening to the cries of the people who were left behind. Her father never made it onto a lifeboat, instead choosing to stay on deck and minister to others still onboard. When Annie and her aunt arrived in New York, Annie asked for her papa, not understanding why he hadn’t arrived with them. “I left Papa on the big boat, and he told me to go with Aunt Jessie,” she said. “Now I want Papa.”

Annie and her aunt returned to England a week later. Now an orphan, Annie was sent to live with her paternal uncle. She was told to not talk about the Titanic, and obeyed that command until later in life. In 1934 she married Rev. Philip Roy Pont of St. John’s Rectory in Moffat, Dumfriesshire. She had at least one child, a son. In 1978 she was asked if she would like to see the Titanic raised. Her response: “I don’t see much point in it after all this time.” Her husband died April 15, 1985, on the 73rd Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Annie died of a stroke in Ruterglen, Scotland on April 10, 1986, the 74th Anniversary of Titanic setting sail on her maiden voyage.

(Extracted from:

1.- What happened to her mother?

2.- Who did Annie travel with?

3.- How did she leave the Titanic?

4.- What happened to her father?

5.- Why was she told not to talk about the Titanic?

6.- What did she say when asked if she wanted to see the Titanic raised?

(If you finished this… download this application and work with it:

Activity III.- Listening activity: Watch and listen to the following video. Copy the following questions and paste them on your wiki. Underline the word TRUE or FALSE as it corresponds. Don’t forget to save the information. (6 pts.)

1.- TRUE/FALSE The crew is what makes the Titanic Museum the Nº1 attraction in Pigeon Forge.

2.- TRUE/FALSE You can stir the ship by grasping the wheel on the captain’s bridge.
3.- TRUE/FALSE Shoveling coal and touching the iceberg is not allowed.
4.- TRUE/FALSE Artifacts in the museum are worth of a 4.5 million dollars
5.- TRUE/FALSE The trivia is only designed for kids and not for adults.
6.-TRUE/FALSE At the end of your journey you will be able to visit the memorial of the people who died on the ship.
Good luck!
(If you finished this activity watch the video on the following website to learn more about the Titanic: